Relax & Revive
with Reflexology


Relax with Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic therapy. This means that we take into consideration every aspect of you, your physical and medical conditions, diet, personal and work circumstances.

Stop for an hour in your busy life to unwind and focus on your well-being. You will experience deep relaxation thanks to the personalised reflexology treatment that I will tailor to your needs.


Start to Relax Now


All you need to do is remove your shoes and socks, put your feet up and relax.

Getting to know you

During your initial consultation we will talk about you and what you hope to achieve through reflexology, so that I can personalise the treatments for you.


Deep sense of relaxation

Enjoy an hour, focused on your well-being, in a relaxed and calm environment.

The healing continues

After each session we will talk through your experience and based on our findings during your treatment, I will provide you with aftercare advice to support your continued well-being.


Start your journey of relaxation, well-being and healing.


About me

My aim is to create an environment where people are able to relax and revive. I believe that we need to dedicate time solely for ourselves in order to have a healthy working body and mind. I would like to share the benefits of reflexology with my clients, how it can help them to achieve deep relaxation and the positive effects on the body’s health and energy levels.

Zita Rawlings  Photo: David Nemes

Zita Rawlings

Photo: David Nemes


While each of us may have different requirements and expectations for a reflexology treatment, you can always expect a positive and relaxed experience.

Total relaxation! As soon as Zita began each treatment I felt so relaxed and calm.
The therapeutic benefits are hard to overstate! General aches and pains, as well as an ongoing health issue, were all greatly helped by Zita’s amazingly sensitive touch.
— Elaine Patricia
Zita introduced me to the world of reflexology. It was a fabulous experience which I found relaxing, enjoyable and extremely beneficial. Not only was the treatment itself lovely but also the effects and sensation after the treatment were beyond expectations. With her caring voice and manner, Zita talked me through what was going to happen, alleviating any worries. Afterwards, Zita’s feedback around what she discovered about me and my body was spot on. Subsequently I have felt utterly relaxed yet energised and very much better for the experience. I’d recommend her to anyone.
— Pamela
Absolutely fabulous. Zita is lovely, welcoming and friendly so it was easy to feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. I thoroughly enjoyed my 10 reflexology treatments and felt very relaxed after each session. She really looked after me, carefully checked my conditions and treated the area presenting the problem. I look forward to receiving further treatments in the future and would definitely recommend anyone to try it.
— Klara
Reflexology by Zita is a lovely, relaxing experience.
She helped me to relax and worked with me on some areas of discomfort after pregnancy.
It has really helped me to improve my health.
I’m feeling so much better and I’m really grateful for our sessions. I would highly recommend Zita.
— Joyce

Just Put Your Feet Up and Relax!

Come and unwind from the daily routine or stress in your life. Stop for an hour to relax and recharge, get a treat for your feet and enjoy a relaxed body and mind.