Relaxed Feet
will Take You Further


What to expect after a reflexology session?

Once the reflexology sequence is finished, I will provide you with some aftercare advice.
I might suggest you make some changes, such as:

  • getting more sleep

  • staying hydrated

  • small changes in your daily routine to help you feel relaxed and healthy.

I believe holistic treatment is about you as a whole, understanding your personal circumstances, and advising you in a way that is realistic and achievable.


How will your body react to a reflexology session?

Everyone is different. The reaction experienced after a treatment will be different for every individual.

However, most people say they feel a deep sense of relaxation. Besides feeling relaxed, you might be sleepy, hungrier than you normally would be or need to visit the toilet more often.

In some cases, patients reported that they felt irritable or fatigued. In these cases the body releases toxins or emotions. We call this “healing crises”. However, it is also considered a good outcome, as after releasing toxins and going through this cleansing period, you will feel happier, more relaxed and your healing process will have started.